The whole class is present today.

He was heartbroken and hanged himself.

Malaclypse gave me a fierce look.

Is Saad one of them?


Denis acknowledges he is a devout Christian.


I told you you had to go home. Why are you still here?

The pianist played a trick on the audience.

I don't cry easily.

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I wish my dream would come true.

I'll try to help you.

They are too big.

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I always forget that I already logged in.

We've made a lot of improvements today.

Thirty-four of them were lawyers.

We're through.

By the time Earle realized what was going on, the police had already arrested Jaime.

Could you go there and get it?

Did Mac tell you everything you wanted to know?


The bus was completely full.


This is the last train, sir.


There is no room for romance in my life.

Samuel had several photos of Vicky hanging on his wall.

I'm nothing like them.

I hear you did something stupid.

Adlai wasn't lying.

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She slowly opened her eyes.

Grace was a blackmailer.

Ian wants to stay.

How do you make the font bigger?

Sad to say, her son died young.


My secretary is the sweetest person in the whole office.

You had better go to bed early.

Marsha might be drunk.


Dozens of people have died in flash floods triggered by torrential rain.

Jon said he didn't have a plan.

What a good teacher Mr Hirayama is!


I could not speak a word, for my heart was full.


She was very angry with me when I forgot the appointment.

Did you tell anyone about what Jitendra did?

I'd like him to meet her.


It's far too small.

He is fighting with his back against the wall.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Would you like me to come with you?

I had a sustaining breakfast.

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My front tooth fell out.


I'm not sure where Anne is from.

I'd like to get information about your hospital fee.

Kerri looked through his stuff.

You could have told me.

I have three mobile phones.

Who cares what the food tastes like?

It will be ready soon.

I won't be going with you.

Patricio isn't asking any questions.

Japan is, as it were, his second home.

Man is the only animal that talks.

There is almost no oxygen in the room.

Follow this road till you come to the river.

It's too far.

Did you consult with Beth?


These are Clark's glasses.


Why should it be any different now?

They made him an offer.

I don't know where Siping's office is.

He was forced to work more than five hours on end.

You never told us why there was a delay.

Accuracy and finish will become more important than high rates of metal removal for 95 percent of all machining operations.

The learned man worships his ancestors.


Why are you looking at me that way?

Saify looked again.

Red Mulligan has announced that he'll fight Rocky Luciano next month.

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Cynthia clearly has something to hide.

Do you think there's a hope?

She has never visited him.

Have you already signed the contract?

Tomorrow the teacher will not attend the class.

Did someone contact her?

That was really exciting.

It is raining hard.

The dog bit me in the hand.

It seems to me that I have it all.

We're ready for you.

Sing us a song in French.

Our dog buries bones in the garden.


I didn't mean to deceive you.

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Philippe wishes he could afford to buy the kind of computer Clark bought.

Did you get our package we sent you?

Can you do it alone?


How far away do you think that ship is?

It is not the situation that makes the man, but the man who makes the situation.

Don't go out into the open.

That's my impression, too.

Tell me what he said.

When did you come up with this plan?

Naomi is teaching a class right now.


There are no dogs bigger than this one.

I've just told you everything I know about that.

Mark's book is very interesting.


I want you to be real nice to Shatter.

I got up early in order to catch the first train.

I thought nothing could go wrong, but I was wrong.

Stagger is doing very well.

He is no ordinary student.


I'm taking them for a walk.

Keep your promises.

Taiwan was far from being any kind of economic miracle in the 1950s.

Seymour told me to be kind to others.

He asked her advice about the problem.


John is a big boy.

We're watching a movie.

The sedative is taking effect.

The last time I saw Casper he was wearing an eye patch.

Let's move on to another topic.

I'd just come in the door when the phone rang.

The flower needs watering. The leaves are already wilted.

When you are on the battlefield, who you are fighting for is the man next to you.

He seldom gets angry or irritated.

The customers have been complaining a lot lately.

She finished up lunch with coffee.

Don't get angry!

Her face expressed her bitter disappointment.

When will we reach a higher language level?

The bells of danger toll for them.

You have a face of a child.

I never really trusted him.


Angus is the guy I was telling you about yesterday.

China and Mongolia are separated by the Great Wall of China.

Pleasure is the source of pain.


We won't see them again.

The hotel is within easy access of the station.

Julie says he'd prefer to talk about something else.

Fletcher knew why Kinch was late.

Billy and his father have had nothing to do with each other for nearly twenty years.

I have sailed up the Thames once.

It sounded too good to be true.

Take a rest, or you will be worn out.

She is far away, but I still love her.

Or that was the idea.

The politician had to take back his words and eat crow.

Teruyuki predicted it.

Elias kept the truth from Raghu.

Mysore didn't want to leave empty-handed.

I am coming.

Some people don't believe in any religion.

There are sentences whose translation into certain languages doesn't make sense and, therefore, should be avoided.


I owe you five dollars.

Kate tried not to look worried.

He ran outside naked.


I cannot say to you what you have to do.

He kept a seat for me.

When's dinner served?

We need to help Izumi as much as we can.

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.


I'm used to no-one liking me.

The fence fell with a great crash.

I fear for my life.

Language enable us to communicate with other people.

I was surprised when Raif offered to pay for everything.

There are tennis courts in this park.

I had not seen a lion before I was ten years old.


What do you think of this sweater?

King couldn't get Hein to stop smoking.

I had something planned.

What's your favorite Michael Jackson music video?

I poured the wine in a plastic bag and then dipped it in ice water.


I don't subscribe to your idea.